What is Tai Chi Chuan?

Tai Chi is a holistic Training system that is, it trains and exercises the whole body, mind and spirit. It is an exercise system that developed as a martial art and can be practiced for health relaxation and meditation. It involves a series of postures which are linked together to create a continuous flowing sequence of movement.  It is the practice of this in a mindful manner that it is known as moving meditation.

There are various schools of Tai Chi Chuan, these are

  • Chen Tai Chi Chuan
  • Yang Tai Chi Chuan
  • Wu Tai Chi Chuan
  • Sun Tai Chi Chuan
  • Wutang Tai Chi Chuan


The Tai Chi form practiced by 4 peaks Taiji and Qigong is the Chen form of Tai Chi Chuan

Chen Style  Tai Chi Chuan

Chen Taijiquan is the oldest form of Taiji known.

Chen Tai Chi Chuan was created in the 17th century by Chen Wang Ting from the Chenjiagou village in Henan province. It was as an eclectic fighting system with survival as its foremost purpose. Over time with the folding in of Dao Yin (leading and guiding energy) and Tu-Na (expelling and drawing energy) and the inclusion of the Daoist philosophy it has become a health system for those of all ages.

The movements of the Chen Tai Chi forms are both soft and dynamic and includes fast and slow movements.

For the practitioner the forms can be done all soft or with the inclusion of the dynamic moves depending on the fitness and health of the practitioner.